Coronavirus: Celebrities offer glimpses into their homes amid Covid-19 pandemic

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his kitchen with miniature donkey and miniature pony

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Friday 20 March 2020 16:41 GMT
Martha Stewart shows off impressive kitchen amid coronavirus pandemic

For most people, self-isolating means coping with confined spaces and making do with what’s available, but that’s not necessarily the case for many of the celebrities taking to Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic.

Famous faces are offering glimpses into their homes while practising social distancing during the outbreak, and they’re as luxurious as you’d imagine.

As the virus continues to spread, notable figures including Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Trudeau and Arnold Schwarzenegger are giving the public an insight to their glamorous - albeit temporarily disturbed - lives.

Most prolific of the bunch so far appears to be DeGeneres, who seems particularly bored by quarantine. The TV host has shared regular videos from inside the California home she shares with wife actor Portia de Rossi. From an indoor gym to her sprawling living room, the 62-year-old is giving regular glimpses of her house.

In one video, DeGeneres attempts to complete a 4,000-piece puzzle, before giving up because her large living room table isn’t big enough to accommodate all of the pieces.

Martha Stewart is no stranger to sharing her stunning home with fans, and the general state of quarantine across the US has only increased her output. The celebrity chef has shared numerous recipes to Instagram, with instructional videos in her professional-level kitchen.

“Today, instead of going to New York City for my Today Show appearance, I stayed in my own kitchen and created three short recipes to get us all through an indefinite amount of time - Ginger Lemon Brown Sugar Tea, my green juice, and oven-baked russet potatoes,” the chef captioned one video.

"My dream kitchen. Look at all of that copper!" one person commented.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is currently self-quarantining after his wife Sophie Trudeau tested positive for Covid-19. This means the world leader is having to do much of his work from home, which he decided to share with his more than 3.4m Instagram followers.

Alongside a picture of him at his home office, Trudeau said: “This morning, I spoke with G7 leaders about Covid-19. This is a global issue, and we are committed to doing all it takes to protect people and support our economies. We will coordinate our responses, take strong and collective action, and get through this together.”

To the delight of the internet, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a public service announcement about Covid-19 accompanied by his pet miniature donkey and miniature horse inside his kitchen.

“Stay at home as much as possible,” the former bodybuilder and governor of California said. “Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together.‬”

He then proceeded to feed the animals carrots.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have shown off their opulent surroundings as well. In one video shared to Instagram, Lopez’s 12-year-old son Max serves Rodriguez sparkling water via hover board.

The child then uses his hover board to cover the house’s lawn before jumping into the pool.

“We can’t go out to any restaurants or anything but the service and entertainment here is pretty good…” Lopez captioned the video.

In addition to showing off their quarantine accommodations, many other celebrities have encouraged their followers to stay home and practise social distancing.

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