Could Apple knock Coke off the top spot?

Friday 17 September 2010 17:45

For 11 years Coca-Cola has topped Interbrand's brand ranking index, but could Apple or Google be about to knock the soft drinks company off the top spot?

Respected brand rankings company Interbrand annually rates the world's most valuable brands; this year it was no surprise that soft drinks manufacturing giant Coca-Cola claimed the number one spot for the 11th year in a row. The 124-year-old brand is widely acknowledged to be one of the most recognized in the world and recently reinforced its presence on the global market by sponsoring the football World Cup in South Africa.

However Coke's comfortable position in the top spot may be under threat from two younger brands - Apple and Google.

Both the electronics company and the internet giant experienced a meteoric rise in value from 2009 to 2010, Google rose 36 percent in value and was ranked number 4, while Apple's value increased by 37 percent pushing the brand into 17th position. In comparison Coca Cola only experienced a 2 percent rise.

Google, which is even listed as a verb in the Cambridge English dictionary - continues to expand its domination of the internet. Most recently the service launched Google Instant, an updated version of the Google search engine which predicts what you want to search for before you have finished typing.

Apple recently announced plans to update the software for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices in November which will let users print documents wirelessly. The company's product launches are surrounded with hysteria normally reserved for celebrities, as was demonstrated by the 1.5 million iPhone 4s estimated to have been sold on the first day of release alone.

If Google and Apple continue to grow at this rate, then these two young brands could easily claim Coca-Cola's title of the "World's most valuable brand" within the next few years.

The top ten most valuable brands according to Interbrand's 2010 brand ranking report are:

1.      Coca-Cola (soft drink manufacturer)
2.      IBM (computer and software company)
3.      Microsoft (computer and software company)
4.      Google (internet search engine)
5.      GE (consumer and industry electronics company)
6.      McDonald's (fast food chain)
7.      Intel (software company)
8.      Nokia (communications company)
9.      Disney (Entertainment and film company)
10.    HP (computer hardware and software company)

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