Couple marries in snow after Beast from the East crashes their wedding

The couple's photos brought new meaning to 'white wedding'

Chelsea Ritschel
Saturday 03 March 2018 00:59
Couple Jemma and Steven marry in midst of 'Beast from the East' snowstorm

The 'Beast from the East' may have caused havoc in Britain, but it also made the perfect wedding backdrop for one couple.

Jemma Swainston-Rainford and Steven Lucock planned out every detail of their wedding day on Wednesday at the Alnwick Treehouse in Northumberland, so that it would be perfect.

And it was - despite the unexpected arrival of Storm Emma and piles of snow.

Deciding they didn’t want to wait until after the storm had passed, the couple tied the knot in the midst of the snow - and the pictures were beautiful. According to wedding photographer Sean Elliott: “Despite the formidable weather, they had a wonderfully exciting day.”

And while there were some setbacks, including guests expected to arrive from the south unable to make the journey, and the father of the groom running late due to a farmer’s wheel falling off on the ride over, the bride and groom managed to have their fairytale wedding after all.

Despite the odds, the couple’s wedding dreams were fulfilled - thanks to the efforts of “strangers and farmers giving lifts to guests to people stepping in last minute,” according to Elliott.

They didn't let a little snow stop them from celebrating (Sean Elliott Photography)
The couple married at Alnwick treehouse (Sean Elliott Photography)

Elliott told The Independent: “The couple even had the local radio rooting for them.”

Elliott, based at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, also managed to capture the magic of the snowy wedding - one of the only weddings to actually happen in Northumberland that day, according to the registrars.

The bride walks across a snowy bridge (Sean Elliott Photography)

Of the snowglobe-like photos, the award-winning photographer told The Independent that 'The Beast from the East' were no match for “the determination of the couple and the love they share.”

The storm didn't stop the couple from tying the knot (Sean Elliott Photography)

Upon seeing the photos of their wedding, the groom said: “The weather didn’t hit us, it joined us for a special day.”

The couple in the snow during Storm Emma (Sean Elliott Photography)

The couple dances in front of guests (Sean Elliott Photography)

And while the photos are magical, they are not surprising considering both the bride and the groom are magicians themselves.

The couple had a magical day despite the snow (Sean Elliott Photography)

The bride stands in the snow with her bridesmaids (Sean Elliott Photography)

A magical wedding for a magical couple.

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