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(Instagram @daphneselfe)

Daphne Self: World's oldest supermodel has just landed a new beauty campaign for cosmetic company Eyeko

Beauty at any age

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 24 January 2018 20:32

Age is just a number - and one octogenarian supermodel is proving it as the face of a new beauty campaign.

Daphne Self, 89, just landed a role in a major beauty campaign with makeup brand Eyeko - cementing her title as “the world’s oldest supermodel.”

Appearing in a video campaign for the brand’s new Bespoke Mascara range, the glamorous elder proves she’s still got it as she pouts and smiles for the camera.

In addition to trying out the new mascara, the 89-year-old model also describes how her modelling career began.

According to Daphne, she began modelling in the 1950's when she was just 20-years-old - but was rediscovered at 70 when she was featured in Vogue for an article on ageing.

Then turning her attention to her mascara application, Daphne admits that her lashes are “quite long,” - but she likes them long and thick.

All dolled up, Daphne then winks at the camera - and it’s no wonder brands continue to seek out the model for their campaigns.

Eyeko chose Daphne for the Bespoke campaign, alongside other younger models, because the campaign aims to show that “no one size fits all.”

Tailor made to suit your lashes, according to Eyeko’s website, the new line of mascara’s allows you to create a mascara best-suited for your eyelashes.

In order to find your perfect mascara, beauty-lovers describe their lashes, choose which effect is most important to them, and then choose a mascara wand.

(Eyeko) Daphne smiles in the makeup campaign as she applies mascara

The founder of Eyeko, Nina Leykind, said of the new line: “Our fans are discerning and smart and no longer accept the norm and we want to celebrate the individual.”

And by choosing models as varied as the mascaras, Eyeko’s new campaign shows beauty comes in all different shapes and forms.

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