Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts in 'Eat Pray Love'
Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts in 'Eat Pray Love'

British men find French the sexiest accent, while women prefer Italian

British men and women differ when it comes to which accents they find the most attractive

Sabrina Barr
Monday 29 July 2019 00:14

There are many characteristics which may make an individual appear attractive to another human being – their facial features, their personality and even their scent to name a few.

Their accent may also play a pivotal role in determining romantic success, a recent survey has claimed.

Travel comparison site Kayak conducted a study of 1,000 Britons to explore which accents the general public finds the most sexually arousing.

According to the survey's findings, British men find French the sexiest accent, with 31 per cent of the male participants expressing a preference for it.

Meanwhile, 34 per cent of the female participants described Italian as the accent they find the sexiest.

Coming in second for the male participants was Italian, which received 29 per cent of the votes, while Spanish came in third with 16 per cent.

The Scandinavian accent came in fourth place with 14 per cent votes, while the Australian accent came in fifth with 13 per cent.

On the other hand, the French accent was voted as the second sexiest accent by the women, receiving 28 per cent of the votes.

The Australian accent came in third place with 15 per cent of the votes, Spanish came in fourth with 14 per cent and American was named fifth with 11 per cent.

The survey's participants were also asked which nationalities they would find the most alluring for a "holiday fling".

According to the study's findings, while men find French the sexiest accent, they would be more likely to become romantically involved with Scandinavian or Italian individuals while on holiday.

Meanwhile, British women would be most enticed to have a holiday fling with Italian suitors, closely followed by Britons in second place and Americans in third.

The Kayak study also explored the way in which a pilot's accent impacts British fliers.

The investigation discovered that six out of 10 Britons would make a presumption about their pilot based on the way they speak, something which Kayak Europe managing director John-Lee Saez described as "surprising".

"Queen's English" was described as being the "most trusted" accent for pilots with 28 per cent of the votes, while a southern English accent was voted as being the second most trusted accent for pilots.

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"The research will be heartening news for any French or Italian people, as it seems their accents, send British hearts racing," Mr Saez said.

"It was also quite surprising to see so many Brits will make presumptions about their pilots and feel more or less reassured based on their accent."

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