Woman shares her date's surprising 'full disclosure' on Twitter

She thought he was going to tell her he was married 

Chelsea Ritschel
Thursday 22 March 2018 15:59 GMT

Online dating can be tricky - but for one woman, a possible date’s “full disclosure” turned out not to be a bad thing, as she’d thought.

While swiping through a dating app, Mehak Sabat matched with a good-looking man and they started to hit it off.

But when it became time to exchange phone numbers, her potential date said he’d first like to give her “full disclosure.”

In this case, “full disclosure” actually had a surprising ending - as it turns out Mehak's match wasn't engaged in shady behaviour, but instead had been in a car accident that had left him with a limp.

Mehak shared the story on Twitter and people are as delightfully surprised as she was.

She tweeted: “Yesterday I started chatting with a lovely-looking man on a dating app. We hit it off great and decided to exchange numbers. Before doing that he wanted to give me full disclosure. I immediately thought he’s married and this is a waste of my time. The next few messages he sent,” and followed with a broken heart emoji.

It turns out Mehak's date, who didn't wish to be named, wasn't married. He'd actually been in a severe car accident, which had left him with "shattered bones, punctured lungs and a verdict by the best doctors that he wouldn’t be able to walk."

However, he did eventually learn to walk again, in just three months - a feat that was covered by various publications.

While Mehak appreciated his openness, she didn't understand at first why he was telling her this, tweeting: “While he was telling me all this I did not understand what was he getting at. All of this did not seem like a problem to me."

But Mehak eventually realised what he was implying when he told her he had a limp and would understand if she didn't want to pursue the relationship any further - at which point Mehak became upset and "infuriated" with how physical appearance-obsessed society can be.

Rather than being turned off by his limp, Mehak described how lovely the man is - how “devoted” he is to his family and friends, how “respectful and opinionated.”

These traits, she knows, because she ended up meeting him and spending all night talking.

Of his honesty and openness, Mehak told The Independent: “It honestly did not seem like something that would need a disclaimer. So when he was telling me about his accident and the recovery thereafter I did not, initially, understand his objective of sharing it with me. When he told me about the limp and added he understands if I don't want to meet him, it infuriated me. I wondered how often must he have faced rejection to feel the need to put it out there as soon as he starts chatting with someone.”

The story has resonated with hundreds of people on Twitter - and many have reached out with supportive messages, or to share their own stories of insecurities and dating.

“When I was tweeting my only intention was to vent. I was angry that he had been made to feel a certain way and his positives were completely ignored. And then suddenly my mentions exploded! People from all over the world wanted to know if were meeting again, when were we meeting, they wanted our pictures, our wedding had been planned, suggestion for a movie started floating around, it was legit crazy. Then the DMs poured in. People started sharing their life and love stories,” Mehak told The Independent.

And the pair seem to have hit it off - as the second date is tonight.

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