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Love Is Blind season five: Which couples are still together?

Season five saw two couples make it to the altar

Amber Raiken
New York
Thursday 15 February 2024 22:45 GMT
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The sixth season of Love Is Blind has officially dropped, with a set of 30 new singles now entering the pods.

On 14 February 2024, fans saw the beloved series make yet another return, with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The season followed the same layout as the previous ones, but this time with contestants from Charlotte, North Carolina entered the pods, where they got on dates with people without ever seeing them in real life. From there, contestants go on to get engaged in the pods, before meeting for the first time.

Following the usual array of love triangles and drama in the first six episodes of season six, five couples walked away engaged: Amy and Johnny, Amber Desirre “AD” and Clay, Chelsea and Jimmmy, Jeramy and Laura, and Kenneth and Brittany.

The couples have now headed into their romantic vacations, before they go and move into their apartment togethers in North Carolina. After days of living together, they will decide at the end of the season if they’ll say “I do” or not at the altar.

Although we don’t know who made it down the aisle, the next three episodes of the season will be airing on 21 February, followed by three more episodes dropping on 28 February. The season finale, where viewers will see couples get married, airs on 6 March.

In season five, which aired in 2023, viewers saw only two couples make it to their wedding day. Here’s where the two couples stand now.

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder


The couple formed a quick connection in the pods, during which Stacy Snyder said that Izzy Zapata was always her top choice out of all the men she’d been dating. However, Zapata found himself in a bit of a love triangle, as he also had strong feelings for another contestant, Johnie Maraist. In the end, he chose Snyder and they got engaged.

Once they moved back to Houston, they had some problems when it came to finances and personal beliefs, as Snyder’s father warned Zapata about her luxurious lifestyle, saying: “Sometimes love wants to fly first class.” Their problems heightened two days before the wedding, when Izzy expressed that he’d been unable to get a credit card due to his debt.

On the wedding day, Snyder was still nervous, as she felt like she couldn’t completely trust Zapata after the argument about money. During his vows, Zapata expressed how his partner has “made him a better man” and that he’d “always be there to reassure” her. Meanwhile, Snyder acknowledged how Zapata always made her “feel safe” and “think with her heart”, before noting that while the “last few days had been a lot,” she still “loved [him] through it”.

When it came time to make a decision, Zapata was the first to say “I do”. However, Snyder did not say it back, as she explained why she wasn’t ready for marriage: “I do want you and I want to say yes, but I would be doing you and I a disservice right now to say that ‘I do,’ when I feel like there’s a lot of things that we need. And more than anything, we need time.”

Although Zapata told Snyder he “understood” her decision at the altar, he confessed in a private interview that he still “felt so numb” after the wedding. The couple went on to have a separate conversation, with Snyder acknowledging that she “felt relieved” and like the “pressure was gone” after saying no at the altar. While she said that she wanted to continue fighting for her relationship, which included taking the time to trust each other, Zapata said he felt like they were “taking steps backward” and that “a timeline didn’t matter for [him]”.

During the 2023 reunion special, which was filmed a year and a half after the weddings, Zapata and Snyder revealed that they were no longer together. The pair specified that after the wedding, they stopped communicating for a week, before getting back in touch again. However, they realised that they weren’t able to rekindle their romance, so they opted to break up and went on to stay close friends.

Zapata also revealed during the reunion that he was now dating someone new, while Snyder said that she was “seeing someone”, but wouldn’t specify that she was in a relationship.

James Milton and Lydia Velez Gonzalez


Upon their first date in the pods, James Milton – who goes by his last name in the show – and Lydia Velez Gonzalez had a quick connection, as they both bonded over their love for different kinds of rocks. While Gonzalez also had a connection with another contestant, Izzy Zapata, in the pods, he called things off with her. From there, her love for Milton continued to develop and they officially got engaged.

In the real world, they had a few issues, including their families being concerned about their age gap, as Milton is 24 and Gonzalez is 31. On their final date before the wedding, Milton claimed that Gonzalez was a little too emotional when handling a disagreement with her and a fellow contestant on the show, Uche Okoroha, while at a party.

In the season finale, Gonzalez still went into her wedding day feeling confident, despite the argument that she and her partner had. As they exchanged their vows at the altar, she recalled how she fell in love with her fiancé because of how well he understood and listened to her. Meanwhile, Milton said he fell for Gonzalez because of how she “challenged [his] thinking”, before adding that he “never had a doubt” about her when dating in the pods. The geologist was the first to say “I do,” before Milton said the same and they walked away married.

During the 2023 reunion special, the pair revealed that they are still happily married and living together in Houston.

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