New York to open its first dog cafe

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Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Tuesday 09 January 2018 23:22 GMT

Man’s best friend or coffee companion? Now New York City pups can be both - once the city’s first dog cafe opens next month in the East Village.

Scheduled to open its doors to humans and dogs alike in January, Boris & Horton is a dream come true for city-dwelling dog-lovers.

Offering up coffee, beer, wine, and tons of puppies, the genius concept behind the new cafe is simple yet perfect - Boris & Horton will be a place where you can “have great coffee, eat, have wine and beer, hang out, and also bring your dog inside,” according to owner Coppy Holzman.

Holzman, who owns the cafe with his daughter, Logan Mikhly, wanted to create a space where owners and their dogs could enjoy a cup of coffee, or a dog treat or two - while interacting with one another.

Essentially, patrons of Boris & Horton will come for the coffee and stay for the dogs.

And real, pet-able puppies aren’t the only perk of the new cafe - the cafe will also feature a dog-themed shop and a puppy Instagram booth.

Named after Holzman’s own dogs, Boris a two-year-old pitbull mix, and Horton, a poodle-Chihuahua mix - the cafe pays homage to the pups with the decor - so expect to see their faces on your glasses.

Boris & Horton is a cafe for humans and dogs

The best part? The cafe is indoors - meaning you and your pooch can enjoy central heating and treats this winter.

But don’t worry about what the Health Department will think about the cafe mixing food and canines - Holzman has worked with the Health Department from the beginning to ensure that all health and safety rules are followed.

For the cafe to pass New York City health regulations, the space had to be formally divided into two parts - a human side (cafe side) and the dog side. But once you get your coffee, nothing is stopping you from heading over to the dog side of the cafe.

The cafe aims to be a place owners and their dogs can bond 

And for New York City residents who don’t own a pup yet, the cafe will be hosting dog adoption events on weekends.

Puppies and coffee for everyone.

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