Donald Trump's old barber calls him 'a complete control freak'

'He dictates exactly how you cut every hair on his head'

Olivia Petter
Monday 09 April 2018 13:40 BST
(Rex Features)

A renowned celebrity barber - whose clients have included John Lennon, John F Kennedy Jr and Michael J Fox - has revealed that President Trump was one of his most demanding clients.

Adrian Wood began working with Trump at the barber shop he owns during the peak of the property mogul’s career in the 1970's.

According to Wood, the President was a frequent customer at his Paul Molé Barber Shop for the next 30 years and was always very precise when giving instructions on how he wanted his hair to look.

“He’s a complete control freak,” Wood told the New York Post.

“He dictates exactly how you cut every hair on his head. ‘Cut here, cut there. That’s enough.’ And you just do what he says.”

Wood also revealed that Trump would often arrive unannounced with a team of bodyguards and a limo waiting outside.

He added that the President-to-be was quite the talker and would engage in conversations with almost everybody in the barbershop.

“One second he’s talking to the shoe-shine man, the next minute David Rockefeller comes in and he’s talking to David Rockefeller,” he said.

Wood also revealed that Trump even offered him some of his property expertise, which he claims saved his business from folding.

Advising him to move his barbershop from the ground floor up to the second floor allowed Wood to save huge amounts of money on rent, which he credits to the long-term success of the shop.

The 1,000-square-foot barber shop maintains a nostalgic aesthetic, with black and white-tiled flooring and dark wooden fittings honouring its rich heritage.

Founded in 1913, it also happens to be the oldest barber shop in New York and is located in the city’s swanky upper east side area.

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