Young boy sets up first ever drag club for children

‘A positive and safe place for kids who do AMAZING drag’

Sabrina Barr
Wednesday 03 January 2018 16:31 GMT
Young boy sets up first ever drag club for children

A young boy from New York has created the first ever drag club specifically for children.

Desmond Napoles is a 10-year-old self-professed ‘drag kid’ from Brooklyn. Ever since Napoles was a baby, he would wrap his mother’s towels around his body, don her heels and unleash his inner sass by strutting around the house.

Napoles says he realised he was gay at a young age when he started developing crushes on boys.

At first, Napoles’ mother Wendylou thought her son may be transgender due to his affinity for feminine clothing.

“When we was younger, we thought that maybe he was trans because of his strong preference for girls’ toys and wearing girls’ clothes,” she told Out.

Napoles, known on social media as Desmond is Amazing, was first spotted by the masses wearing an extravagant rainbow-coloured outfit while dancing flamboyantly at the New York Pride Parade in 2015 in a video that circulated the web.

He has since become an icon within the LGBTQ community, with more than 15,000 followers on Instagram following his every fabulous move.

Since gaining a greater presence on social media, many have reached out to Napoles to tell him how inspirational he is to people around the world.

“We get messages from people, like in Colombia, saying, ‘We’re not allowed to be outwardly [in] drag or gay and it means a lot to see somebody that is’,” Wendylou told Out.

With that in mind, Napoles decided to created the very first drag club just for kids so that they could have a safe place to express themselves as fully as possible.

“People should be able to be free and let themselves express how they want, whenever they want,” he told Out. “Let them be [his or herself], and if you don’t like how people are, you don’t like yourself.”

“Haus of Amazing” was officially announced on Instagram in October, with Napoles explaining in the caption that they’re on a mission to create a “positive, encouraging, and safe online community for all drag kids to connect with one another.”

Napoles may have only be a decade-old, but he’s already making quite an impact on the LGBTQ scene.

Last year, Napoles helped drag queen legend cut the ribbon at the opening of the 2017 NYC DragCon.

He recently shared a post via the Haus of Amazing Instagram page, telling any haters: “You will not change me – I will always be myself, always.”

“You will never stop me – I am the future.”

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