Jeff Bezos's firm is accused of a “pattern of aggressive, unscrupulous conduct”
Jeff Bezos's firm is accused of a “pattern of aggressive, unscrupulous conduct”

Tools that can be used by shoplifters to remove security tags available on eBay

The magnetic devices can be used to detach tags easily from products

Sabrina Barr@fabsab5
Wednesday 02 May 2018 16:22

Magnetic devices are available to buy on eBay that can allow shoplifters to easily remove security tags from stolen products.

Shoplifting is reportedly on the rise in England and Wales, with the number of incidents increasing by 11 per cent from 2016 to 2017 as stated by the Office for National Statistics.

While there are plenty of measures put in place to prevent thieves from successfully stealing from shops, there are products available online that can allow shoplifters to remove security tags from stolen goods.

On eBay, there are a variety of tag removers available to purchase, with prices ranging from as little as £4.09 to £49.99.

One tag detacher priced at £4.09 has been described as being made from “first-class aluminium alloy material” and “can remove all kinds of hard tags easily.”

A security tag gun detacher, also described as a “lockpick”, is being sold on the auction site for £49.99.

An example of a security tag remover being sold on eBay. This product was being sold at £34.99.

Upon further inspection, eBay isn’t the only online retailer where its users are selling magnetic tools that can be used to remove security tags.

There are also similar products on offer on Amazon that have been reviewed by consumers.

“Works well for all your shoplifting needs,” one person wrote in a comment that was removed by Amazon after being highlighted by The Independent.

“Why would anyone buy one of these unless it was for the purpose of stealing goods???” another individual remarked.

When “security tag removal” is searched on YouTube, the website generates more than 29,000 results with tutorials showing how to remove security tags using an array of tools such as magnets and forks.

One video titled “How to Beat a Walmart Security Tag”, which was uploaded a year ago, currently has 8.8 million views.

The Independent has reached out to eBay and Amazon for comment.

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