Celine Dion explains why she buys her designer clothes

Dion opens up about buying designer items after her rise to fame during an interview with ‘Vogue France’

Amber Raiken
New York
Monday 22 April 2024 20:31 BST
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Celine Dion has revealed why she buys clothes from high-end designers.

The 56-year-old singer spoke candidly about her sense of style during an interview with Vogue France, published on 22 April. Although she addressed how she’s been referred to as a “true fashion icon” throughout her career in Hollywood, she said that she “wouldn’t go as far as saying that” about herself, since it would be “very pretentious of” her.

Dion then elaborated on how she dressed as a child, before noting that her style changed when she started buying her clothes with her own money.

“I can say that, all my life, my mother mended my tights, sweaters, coats and mittens, all my little things for winter. I was very lucky, because I had 13 brothers and sisters, and I got everyone’s hand-me-downs,” she explained. “When I got my first paycheck, my first paid television appearances I bought clothes for myself and dressed myself.”

The “I’m Alive” singer shared that once she made it big, she even bought nice gifts for her family, including her late husband – René Angélil – and their three children: René-Charles Angélil, 23, and 13-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy.

“With my first successes, I bought a house for myself and my husband, and for my parents and some family members too,” she said. “After my first album in English, I was able to buy clothes by designers, and I started to read fashion magazines.”

Dion then recalled a specific moment she had at a fashion event with the late Karl Lagerfeld, which encouraged her to buy one of the designer’s luxury clothes. “He looked at me and said, ‘You remind me of La Callas.’ I treated myself to a Lagerfeld jacket in the same way that people buy themselves diamonds,” she said.

She concluded by explaining that throughout her time in the music industry, from red-carpet events to concerts, she stuck by her rule of buying her own stuff, even designer clothes.

“I have always bought everything myself. I didn’t want to borrow. It’s a form of respect,” she said. “People pay to come and hear me sing, so I pay to buy myself clothes by designers.”

This isn’t the first time that Dion has opened up about her fashion sense. During an interview with CR Fashion Book back in 2019, she first explained why she doesn’t want to be referred to as the “queen of fashion”, as she’d rather be viewed as the “boss” of her own wardrobe instead.

“That’s different. I’m the mother, I’m the boss, I’m in charge of my decisions with my team. I try to make the best of myself, to accomplish something, to always put the bar as high as I can,” she said during the interview, shared via Today.

Dion doubled down on why she doesn’t want to be called a “queen”, when associated with her sense of style, adding: “For me personally, I don’t live that way. I can wear a crown. That I can do. Give me the crown and I’ll run the bathtub with bubbles. I dare you to come in and take a picture of that.”

Elsewhere in her interview with Vogue, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer spoke candidly about her stiff person syndrome (SPS), as it’s “still within [her] and always will be”. In December 2022, Dion revealed that she had been diagnosed with SPS – an autoimmune and neurological disorder that causes rigidity in the torso and limbs – and subsequently cancelled her world tour.

Speaking to Vogue, she noted that since there isn’t a cure yet for SPS, she’s had to “learn to live with” her condition. She then described some of the ways she’s managed her disease, and how her perspective on it has shifted since her diagnosis.

“Five days a week I undergo athletic, physical and vocal therapy. I work on my toes, my knees, my calves, my fingers, my singing, my voice... I have to learn to live with it now and stop questioning myself,” she said. “At the beginning, I would ask myself: why me? How did this happen? What have I done? Is this my fault?”

Dion specified what has kept her motivated throughout her battle with SPS: the love from both her family and fans. She also acknowledged how grateful she is for her support system while noting that other people with the condition may not have that.

“People who suffer from SPS may not be lucky enough or have the means to have good doctors and good treatments,” the singer explained. “I have those means, and this is a gift. What’s more, I have this strength within me. I know that nothing is going to stop me.”

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