Agenda: Bape; Comme des Garçons; Perdita Weeks; Bugsy Malone; La Bodega Negra; Alabama Shakes


Sunday 18 March 2012 01:00

Fashion: Going ape for play time

It's a coalition of cults as underground Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (Bape) collaborates with Comme des Garçons' Play line for a selection of one-off T-shirts that are sure to sell out as soon as they hit stores. Featuring the signature Play heart and Bape's silhouette, the designs are testament to both brands' in-the-know status and stylishly devoted clientele. £85, Bape, 4 Upper James Street, London W1

Face to watch: Perdita Weeks

You may have seen the Welsh actress in TV dramas including Lost in Austen and The Promise – and you can expect critics to go overboard for her appearance in Julian Fellowes' Titanic as an aristocratic suffragette, aka the new Lady Sybil

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Danny DeVito, Example, Harry Styles, Alexa Chung

1 Gave away my ice bucket and now I quite want it back...

2 Norwegian Launderettes are exactly the same as the ones in the UK. Dunno what I was expecting to be honest

3 If you can't join them, beat them.

4 I realized it wasn't a dust speck it was an antler flair

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Spottd

keep your proverbial ear to the ground with this "social satnav", which will fill you in on all the exciting and splendiferous things near to your location, from fine restaurants to bargainous shops and funky pieces of street art. And then why not post your own stumbled-upon recommendations? Free from iTunes store.

Lexpionage: Teenile, adj.

Having or displaying the cognitive weaknesses of teenagedom, esp. a tendency to bore contemporaries with an obsession with "young adult" fantasy franchises (cf Twilight, The Hunger Games)

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Film: Bugsy Malone

May the custard pies fly as the ever-ingenious Future Cinema presents interactive screenings of the kiddy gangster classic, complete with cola floats, boxing and dancing girls. The Troxy, London E1,

Food: La Bodega Negra

Soho just got spicier with the arrival of this Mexican "complex", designed by New York nightlife king Serge Becker and incorporating a restaurant, bar, café and roadside taqueria.

Music: Alabama Shakes

The musical summer is already looking scorching thanks to the emergence of these soul-rock newbies. Their debut album Boys and Girls, out on 9 April, will have you dreaming of top-down road trips.

Match the tweet: 1. Harry Styles; 2. Example; 3. Alexa Chung; 4. Danny Devito

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