Enter the Ferrari of hairdryers. No, literally.
Enter the Ferrari of hairdryers. No, literally.

Could a Ferrari-designed hairdryer help men admit they own and use one?

It's the Grand Prix of hair styling

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Monday 16 January 2017 12:48

Gender constraints have slackened in recent years for sure; think man buns, guy liner and a surge in popularity of the pink palette.

However, there’s one area of contention that men just won’t admit to owning – the hairdryer.

As far as male grooming goes, things have come along way. Moisturising, tick. Hair removal, tick.

But, when it comes to owning a salon-style dryer, men can feel a little insecure.

Enter the Ferrari of hairdryers. No, literally.

A few years ago, Babyliss – the leading brand in top-quality hair appliances – and Ferrari – the world’s most respected manufacturer of high-performance cars – joined forces to create a new era in professional styling.

The super-powerful, high-performance luxury dryer is made in Italy and is driven by a Ferrari designed, proprietary ball-bearing engine.

Performing at turbo-speed, it’s designed to reduce noise and increase airflow to deliver fast drying.

Available in Ferrari yellow, the Italia Brava is undoubtedly the Grand Prix of hair dryers and guarantees to take any unsolicited shame out of blasting your barnet each morning. Buy yours now for just £129.99.

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