How to dry your hair without heat damage: Plop it (yes, really)

The technique also gives hair more bounce and definition 

Sarah Young
Monday 07 November 2016 14:02 GMT
Plopping has quickly become popular for defining unruly curls without the use of heat
Plopping has quickly become popular for defining unruly curls without the use of heat

Hair plopping is the new heat-free hair styling technique that has taken the curl community by storm.

People have taken to Instagram to post photos of their hair being plopped claiming that the method gives curls better bounce and definition.

Not only is drying your hair time consuming but the heat produced from the hairdryer can harm your locks too; that’s where plopping comes in. The American trend for defining unruly curls with zero heat damage means you can style tresses with minimal fuss.

So what does it involve? All you need to do is quite literally plop your hair into a t-shirt.

The first step is to remove any excess water from your hair and apply a leave in conditioner. Next, take a clean and dry cotton t-shirt and lay it flat on a surface with the sleeves and neck pointing towards you.

Then, simply flip your hair into the t-shirt and wrap it up. Use the sleeves to tie it to your head and leave to dry while you go about your business. Once dry, remove to reveal fizz-free curls.

While this method works best on naturally coiled locks it can also help those with straight hair create fuss-free beach waves.

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