<p>Jack Grealish during an England press conference</p>

Jack Grealish during an England press conference

How Jack Grealish gets his signature hairstyle

His routine involves four different steps and a hairspray which costs less than £5

Saman Javed
Monday 12 July 2021 00:23

Ahead of England’s first match at the Euro 2020, Phil Foden sent the internet into a frenzy when he debuted a bleach-blond buzzcut that bore a striking resemblance to Paul Gascoigne’s 1996 look, earning the midfielder the nickname “Stockport Gazza”.

But, as the championship progressed to its historic final on Sunday, one haircut has taken centre stage on and off the pitch: enter Jack Grealish’s gravity-defying curtains.

Footballer haircuts at international tournaments have long been a point of discussion, from David Beckham’s frosted tips at the 2002 World Cup to Ronaldo’s mostly shaven head (save a half-moon of hair), Grealish’s headband has been the talking point of the Euro 2020.

So much so, that it has inspired countless memes, the most famous of which compares his hairdo to Keira Knightley’s in Bend It Like Beckham.

In a recent interview with Love Island alum Josh Denzel, Grealish gave fans an insight into how he styles his locks, and it involves multiple stages.

Sporting his signature black headband, Grealish did not disclose which shampoo or conditioner he uses, only that he lets the conditioner sit for a while before washing it out.

Once out of the shower, he says he uses Moroccanoil, a brand of argan oil that claims to “intensely nourish” the hair and leave it feels soft and “full of shine”.

Grealish is opposed to letting his hair air-dry, telling Denzel the next step is to “whack out the hairdryer” and grab a round brush to blow-dry his hair.

“When I’ve dried it, the Morroconoil is still in there, then I put hair bond in it,” he says, explaining that the “bond” is a wax, which he uses to style his hair into the desired bouffant shape.

Then, to ensure his hair doesn’t lose its volume, he uses hairspray, specifically “yellow Got2be”. The brand’s “Glued Blasting Freeze” hairspray retails for just £3.49 a bottle.

Sadly, Grealish did not comment on his famous hairband, or specify which one he uses.

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