Melanie Rickey
Thursday 04 May 1995 23:02

Devotees of Tank Girl will probably shudder at the thought of their heroine's individual style being plundered by all and sundry. Why buy the Tank look from shops, when a jumble sale, a few safety pins, and lots of attitude work far better? After all, when you live in a tank in the middle of the Australian outback, attitude does speak far louder than fashion.

As you may have guessed, Tank fever will hit the UK this summer with the release of the film. And you can have the T-shirt, the book, the comic Deadline (of which TG is the star), and a new concept - the boots.

Shellys has created a range of nine boots, some strictly for Tank Girl wannabes, but the rest can be worn by all. The Booga range comprises of six unisex boots in traditional styles. Added extras include Booga and Tank Girl branding on the side and sole of the boots. They look suspiciously like boots we all wore some time in the late Eighties but, hey, if you aspire to Booga, TG's half-man-half, kangaroo boyfriend, these are for you.

Booga boots are available in black and brown leather, and come in sizes 6-12. Prices start at £49.99. For mail order and stockist inquiries, call 0181 450 0066.

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