Mothers spend equivalent of 112 days watching their children play sports, survey finds

Mum will also spend almost 47 days ferrying their children around

Wednesday 06 March 2019 17:10
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The average mother will spend the equivalent of 112 days – just under four hours each week – of their offspring's childhood watching them play sports, according to a new poll.

The survey of 2,000 mothers revealed that while raising children from the age of four to 16, they will spend the equivalent of almost 47 days ferrying their children around.

They will also attend an average of 78 birthday parties.

However, they will hear "I love you" from their children around twice everyday, or 8,788 times, over the course of their childhood.

They will also enjoy 15 cuddles a week, which equates to 10,140 during that 12-year timespan.

Mothers will also be given five pieces of art a year, which over the course of their childhood is 65 pieces to exhibit on the fridge.

Three quarters of those polled said having a child of their own had made them appreciate their own mothers more.

“Being a mother is one of the most rewarding but also one of the hardest things you will do," said a spokesman for Next, which commissioned the research. “When you are sat in school for yet another meeting with the teacher or watching your child on the side of a cold and wet football pitch, you can feel a little fed up.

“But it’s so worth it when you hear your child say ‘I love you’ or get given their latest work of art to exhibit on the fridge.

The survey also revealed that mothers will buy their children a total of 494 Christmas and birthday presents – 38 every year – and receive two bunches of flowers and a box of chocolates each year in return.

They will also "boast" about the achievements of their children five times a month on social media, around 780 times.

The poll also found mothers will say something which reminds them of their own mum at least once a week and have their children "borrow" something of theirs four times a year.

However, 26 per cent admitted to pinching their mum’s make-up while they were younger – while another 23 per cent admitted to taking alcohol.

Three in 10 also said they had worn clothes their mother didn’t approve of and 33 per cent had dated someone their mother didn’t like.

Others admitted to sneaking out to a pub or club without telling their mum, pretending to have been staying at a friend’s house and faking their mum’s signature on school reports.


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