Nike trainers mocked over incorrect use of Greek lettering

The shoes are in homage to Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory

Ellie Abraham@ellieabraham
Wednesday 09 June 2021 15:48

Nike has been mocked online for photos of a new line of trainers that feature Greek lettering to spell out the brand name.

According to Sneaker News, the trainers in question are an upcoming release, due to be dropped on the Nike website soon, and are made in homage to the winged Goddess of Victory, Nike, in Greek mythology.

The trainers are a modified pair of white Air Force 1 Lows. The shoes feature textured leather and an extended mesh tongue that appear to represent wings. Inside the shoe, the Ancient Greek definition of the Goddess Nike is printed on the insole.

On the heel of the left shoe, the word Nike has been embroidered in Greek-looking letters using silver thread. Meanwhile, on the right shoe, a palm branch has been embroidered to represent victory.

In a viral tweet about the sneakers, Twitter user Zoe Gardner highlighted how the letters, intended to spell the word “Nike”, actually spelt out “piks” when read in the Greek language.

She wrote: “Oh I cannot contain it. These make me so mad. I know it doesn’t matter, only an idiot would wear shoes that say "piks" in Greek letters and think it said Nike and I shouldn’t care what shoes idiots wear but my GOD IT MAKES ME SO MAD. THERE’S 11 MILLION GREEK PEOPLE. ASK ONE.”

Gardner’s post has been liked almost over one thousand times with many people saying they agree with her.

One Twitter user replied: “I understand and empathise with this rage not because I have any fluency in Greek but because the math geek in me is between shocked laughter and breaking things.”

Another said: “This infuriated me more than I can describe… it looks so wrong.”

Gardner added to the original Twitter thread, writing: “I’m not done. NIKE IS A GREEK F**KING WORD IN THE FIRST PLACE OH GOD THE RAGE.”

One person countered: “Isnt it just a typeface style though, a bit of fun? I’m not sure they’re trying to pass an authentic language test.”

Another person said: “The correct spelling is on the sole of one of the shoes, which is apt considering @Nike (sorry, Piks) is stomping over an entire language and culture…”

Recently Kim Kardashian was accused of cultural appropriation over her wearing of earrings containing the “Om”, which is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Indian religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.

One person said: “Is now a good time to mention that the Om is a sacred symbol to Hindus and not just an accessory?”

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