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The Sex and the City lockdown style guide

Sex and the City is known for its glamorous, high-fashion clothes, but if you look closely enough, the show also serves up some serious lockdown inspo, says Emily Cope

Thursday 09 December 2021 20:11 GMT
(Courtesy of HBO)

From the moment Carrie Bradshaw and her friends stepped onto the streets of New York City, women everywhere were seduced by their fashion-forward style.

Led by the costume design expertise of Patricia Field, the four protagonists - Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones and Kristen Davis’ Charlotte York – started trends, broke fashion rules and made everyone desperate for a pair of Manolos.

Even now, 22 years afterSex and the Cityfirst aired on HBO, the foursome are fashion icons. Their mix-and-match mantra, coupled vintage steals with gorgeous designer pieces.

Without Carrie and co. fashion - and particularly street style - wouldn’t be what it is today, which is why we’re thrilled that the show is soon set to return (though, sadly, without Cattrall’s Samantha).

And while the leading ladies always looked runway-ready, they also served up some great off-duty style inspo too - after all, Carrie was working from home before it was cool (or mandatory).

From zoom meetings to Saturday relaxation and nipping out to the shops in your pyjamas, here are the lockdown-friendly looks served up by the Sex and the City gang.

Couple dressing

Carrie and Adrian cleaning their teeth in matching briefs (Sexandthecity/HBO)

A very casual Carrie and Aiden - pictured here after moving in together in season four - are a couple vibe rn.

Did Carrie borrow Aiden's pants, or did she buy matching ones in her size? Did they plan to wear them at the same time?

Who knows... but they’ve obviously spent so much time together dressing sexy has gone completely out of the window (we’re impressed Carrie even opted to wear a bra).

And we don’t blame them. This grossly adorable outfit was a winner for us, and had us all abandoning the prevailing trend for matching silk sets and reaching for a comfy pair of tighty-whities.

Breathe new life into your ratty M&S numbers with a snazzy pair of Dolce and Gabbanna female Y-fronts.

Zoom calls


Fed up of your usual jumper and jeans combo?

Shoulder pads are set to be a huge trend this year, so make Monday morning zoom meetings a little more interesting with a pair of Samantha’s statement metal pads from the second Sex and the City film.

Or you could dress up a la Charlotte in a cute Annie Hall ensemble from season six episode 13, complete with a matching tie - all of which she wore for her first day of volunteering.

(Courtesy of HBO)

Want to look good up top but can’t be bothered with your lower half? Then Carrie’s got you covered with this chic over-sized shirt, with a stylish Hermès belt to clinch in the waist (both originally Mr. Big’s).


Just add comfy trackies and a pair of ever-so-trendy UGG slippers for the ultimate wfh look.

Popping to the shops

Carrie heads out on New Year’s Eve in the Sex and the City film (sexandthecity/HBO)

Going to Tesco to pick up some snacks, but make it fashion (and warm).

A fur coat over your cosiest pyjamas is a fail safe outfit for browsing your local supermarket aisle - similar to Carrie’s understated New Year’s Eve outfit in the first Sex and the City film.

Carrie in season four (sexandthecity/HBO)

When spring hits, simply chuck a long coat over the tiniest romper you can find (extra points if you match it with a dad-inspired flat cap) just like Carrie in season four, episode eight - who was just popping out for a baguette and a bouquet of flowers.

Although we probably look less like Carrie and more like Miranda carting a week’s worth of shopping home in one go…

(Courtesy of HBO)

Bad hair days


With hairdressers currently shut thanks to coronavirus, we’ll soon be turning to our own pair of blunt scissors to tame our unruly locks.

Take a leaf out of Miranda’s book with this stylish bowl cut from a SATC flashback to the Eighties, when she was a young lawyer just starting out in the Big Apple - don’t forget the over-sized earrings to really finish off the look.

(courtesy of HBO)

If your hairdressing skills aren’t quite up to standards or you’re having a bad hair day then simply throw on a headscarf like Carrie in season six - it covers anything and everything in a matter of seconds.

‘Me’ time


With dating anyone outside your own household currently off the cards then you might find yourself turning to some ‘me’ time on these cold, dark nights.

Do it Charlotte style in an elegant silky lingerie set and, erm, a mirror. We won’t judge.

Or go full series one single Carrie Bradshaw with an old tee and a new gadget.

(Courtesy of HBO)

In-in is the new out-out


Pubs and restaurants are closed, which means staying in is the new going out.

If you’ve got a new Netflix series lined-up and a takeaway en route then why not add some rainbow socks to your Saturday night in? 

Modelled above by Carrie early on in series two, she’s nailed our ideal stay-at-home style - especially the glass of wine.

Samantha’s stay-at-home style seen in series two, episode 15 (Courtesy of HBO)

Although, lately, Samantha’s baggy t-shirt is more our evening vibe.

At home workouts


With government guidelines only allowing exercise outdoors once per day, it’s time to turn back to our indoor gym kits and online videos.

While working up a sweat in series two, Miranda opts for a Nike crop top with black leggings - a timeless workout ensemble.

If you’re heading out for your second walk of the day and need to remain incognito, Miranda’s iconic hat, monochrome dungarees and over-sized puffer jacket from the opening episode of series two have got you covered.

(Courtesy of HBO)

And when we finally reunite with the crew….


It’ll be time to pull out all of the stops by wearing the brightest colours possible - and bringing along two bottles of champagne, of course.

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