Swimwear brand praised for using unretouched images of models of all sizes in new campaign

'Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear'

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Friday 01 June 2018 15:25
New photoshop-free bikini campaign that features women of all shapes and sizes

An Australian swimwear brand is being praised online after launching a photoshop-free body positive campaign.

At first glance, Moana Bikini’s "Who Runs The World?" campaign looks like any other – golden beaches, blue skies and a throng of carefree women frolicking in the sand.

But, this is a photoshoot with a difference because unlike most others it features a diverse range of body shapes, all of which are completely unretouched.

In a bid to champion body positivity the brand’s founder, 28-year-old Karina Irby, set out to create a campaign that was “as close to reality as possible.”

“We're getting real and we're getting raw,” she told the Daily Mail.

“With the exception of colour correcting we haven't used Photoshop.”

Irby hopes that the campaign will help women realise that not everything they see on social media is authentic and that they can wear a bikini no matter their shape or size.

“The sooner we recognise what's heavily edited on social media and what's natural we're all going to be in such a better and happier space,” she added.

“We're all about flaunting exactly what you've got, rocking it with a smile and just being you, without the comparisons.

“Because, as cheesy as it sounds, at the end of the day, confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.”

The images feature women of a range of shapes and sizes, hair and skin colours including best friends Georgia Gibbs, who wears a size 6, and Kate Wasley, who wears a size 16 - a model duo otherwise known as the "Any Body Girls".

Since the campaign launched on Thursday it has received a huge amount of praise online from fans.

“I'm in love with what this brand stands for! Proving that every girl can be beautiful in their own skin and bikini,” one person wrote on Instagram.

Another added: “There are so many different body types and only a small portion gets represented. All bodies are beautiful and should be seen."

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