Topshop removes women-only changing rooms

Olivia Petter
Wednesday 08 November 2017 13:57 GMT

Topshop has abolished gender-specific changing rooms after receiving complaints from transgender customers.

News of the policy change comes after writer and performer Travis Alabanza told the high street brand via Twitter that they had “just experienced transphobia” in a Manchester branch after being denied entry to one of their changing rooms.

However, one of Alabanza’s followers responded with a screenshot of an email from Topshop dated in July which explained that they had reviewed their changing room policy.

A spokesperson for Topshop has since confirmed that their changing rooms are in fact gender-neutral spaces.

“All Topshop and Topman customers are free to use any of the fitting rooms located within our stores,” they told Mail Online.

In spite of the new rulings, Alabanza was still turned away from the changing room, who accused the high street shop of putting transgender shoppers at risk of “harassment” from fellow customers, labelling gendered changing rooms as “dated and dangerous.”

“Who made you in charge of deciding who is woman enough to use your changing room?” they added.

“You just lost an easy sale and money.”

Alabanza, who identifies as trans feminine and uses “they” and “them” pronouns, pointed out that Urban Outfitters had successfully employed gender-neutral changing rooms in their stores, praising them for doing so.

“Look how easy it is???” they tweeted alongside a photograph of the “all-gender fitting rooms” with signs defining that they are “open to all persons, regardless of gender identity of expression.”

After tweeting about their experience, Alabanza received a flurry of support from followers.

“You are changing the world and opening up bits of space for others to exist in, your legacy will be massive. Solidarity,” one supporter wrote.

“This makes me so angry! I’m so sorry you had to go through this,” another added.

The Independent has contacted Topshop for comment.

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