Valentine's Day 2016: What women really want

Avoid the cliché  of chocolate  and flowers; instead, invest in something she’ll really love this Valentine’s Day

Emma Akbareian
Tuesday 09 February 2016 12:56

It’s been little more than a month since the last major gift-giving celebration, but it won’t have escaped your notice that stores are once again sporting lavish amounts of heavily themed wares. Valentine’s Day, of course, is this Sunday – the annual celebration of love and libido.

To some, this means oversized teddy bears and petrol-station purchased bouquets and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates; for others, there’s an infinitely more desirable wish list to be had.

Of course, top of many lists are designer handbags and jewellery. Get into the spirit of the season with Longchamp – the French accessory label has cooked up a special edition romance-themed take on its signature Le Pliage tote bag. For those looking for gimmickry as well as decoration out of an accessory, Eddie Borgo has designed a mood ring that changes colour according to the wearer’s temperament. Red, for example, signifies passion.

Lingerie is a tricky purchase at the best of times; add into the mix the minefield that is Valentine’s and you might find yourself in hot water. The key to getting lingerie-gifting right is to avoid the sleaze factor – anything that looks like it could have arrived by way of an Ann Summers party is a big no-no. Instead, look for pretty pieces – COS is a go-to label on the high street for lingerie that is both comfortable and stylish.

Better still is a pyjama purchase – they may not have the oomph factor of a corset or lacy teddy, but they are miles ahead in terms of comfort. Boutique sleepwear labels such as Desmond & Dempsey are putting a luxury twist on traditional styles that will make for very well received gifts. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s range at M&S is also now a tried-and-tested destination for vintage-inspired nightwear.

Roses are traditionally the flower of choice this time of year, but rather than gifting a bunch, instead look for something that will last a little longer and pack a heftier punch. Oft considered old-fashioned, rose is in the midst of a modern revival, from Jo Malone’s Red Roses line, covering everything from room sprays to bath oils, to cult parfumier Frederic Malle’s chic Une Rose scent.

This season, everyone’s favourite scented-candle purveyor Diptyque has teamed up with designer Olympia Le Tan, who has put her trademark quirk into a limited-edition scent collection dubbed Rosaviola – obviously, a fusion of rose and violet in a pretty shade of pink. Who wouldn’t love that?

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