Where should you spray perfume?

Spraying perfume on your neck is so boring

Dave Maclean
Wednesday 02 November 2016 15:52

Most of us spritz aftershave and perfume on our necks and wrists – but experts say you’re neglecting an area that can really enhance your scent.

Steven Claisse, a senior perfumer at fragrance company Takasago, advised dabbing a few drops on the bellybutton.

It works because it radiates heat - right from the centre of the body – and provides a natural cove in which to dab a fragrance.

He told Self: “Any area on your body that radiates heat will enhance a scent, and your belly button does just that.”


Claisse also recommended spritzing your hair with perfume, because the strands hold the scent well and leave a “trail of scent” as you move around.

However, you do risk drying out your hair by doing this.

People were also urged to switch from spritzing behind their ears to dabbing perfume on top of their ears.

That’s because it’s less likely to be dry and more likely to be oily, which means the smell will last longer.

Other warm areas suggested are behind your knees and inside your elbows.

A clever trick if you’re wearing a short dress is to spray perfume on the inside of your calves, because the friction between your legs as you walk will create warmth and reinvigorate the scent throughout the day.

Spike Jonze directed a perfume ad

A similar trick works with your ankles, because they rub against your shoes.

Spritzing wool or cashmere clothes can also work wonders, helping to achieve a longer lasting scent.

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