Now that the winter partying is mostly over, it’s time to assess and address the damage
Now that the winter partying is mostly over, it’s time to assess and address the damage

Winter grooming for men: How to take care of you skin

It’s time to give your skin a little TLC

Lee Holmes
Friday 20 January 2017 19:21

Although we’re now slap bang in the middle of January, which is arguably the most depressing month of the year, its perhaps time to take a long hard look in the mirror and assess the damage copious amounts of festive booze have had on our skin. For the majority of us, what's reflected back isn't pretty. Add to that the double whammy of Arctic weather outside, and brutal central heating inside, and you're left with a face that's in dire need of some TLC

Luckily – and the observant of you out there may have already noticed this – the grooming industry is now big business, so finding those all-important grooming products that get the job done with the minimum of effort on your part, is easy. In fact, embracing your inner beauty school drop-out is now not only fashionable, its almost idiot proof.

First off, exfoliation is key because dry flaky skin is effectively dead skin, so scrubbing off those hardened cells once or twice a week in the shower is crucial. A good exfoliation will also help stimulate your skin. Follow this with a body wash that will clean without stripping essential natural oils.

Finish off with a flourish of moisturiser; skin needs to be kept fully hydrated and a face cream will also help sooth any post-shave irritation. Its wise to spend a healthy amount of cash here, but remember a little dollop of this life enhancing cream will go a long way. And if you're keen to go that extra mile, then invest in an eye cream too; skin is thinner around the eyes and any dryness here will make those wrinkles look more pronounced.

And for those of you not feeling very pro-active about your skin, hibernating until spring and growing a beard isn't necessarily the answer either; keeping a check on that beard takes time and effort, and that grooming regime is a whole different ball game altogether.

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