30% of men say pubic hair is a relationship deal-breaker

Why are we obsessed with being totally hairless?

Sarah Young
Thursday 27 April 2017 15:14 BST
More women now believe they are not "clean" unless they are shaven, while actually they are more likely to develop hygiene issues
More women now believe they are not "clean" unless they are shaven, while actually they are more likely to develop hygiene issues (Getty)

Whether it’s a quick trim, a manicured landing strip or a full-on Hollywood, pubic hair grooming is a fact of life for many of us.

But despite the concept of “manscaping” beginning to catch on, when it comes to a battle of the sexes, the rules about shaving, waxing and trimming are pretty one-sided.

According to a survey, which looked at 4,146 respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 taken from Cosmo's social media accounts, Esquire's Twitter, and AskMen's Facebook, men are very particular about the way their partners groom their bits.

The data revealed that a huge 46 per cent of men prefer women to go completely bare, 30 per cent like it neatly trimmed and 12 per cent favour a landing strip.

Predictably, only six per cent prefer a natural look.

Now, that might not come as much of a surprise but what does is the fact that 40 per cent of men surveyed said they had asked their partners to change the way they groom their pubic hair.

And, that a shocking 30 per cent consider it to be a major deal breaker, admitting that the amount of hair someone had down below would make them reconsider dating them.

When asked why they prefer a partner with little to no pubic hair, the majority of men said they just like the way it looks while one respondent confessed, “If you can feel it under her underwear or it’s sticking out of a small pair of underwear, that’s just not attractive to me.”

While there’s nothing wrong with shaving your pubic hair completely, the same goes if you want to keep things au naturel too.

In fact, some experts claim that women who do shave down below could actually be putting themselves at greater risk of infection.

After all, pubic hair does serve a purpose other than pleasing your partner; it also offers a natural barrier that helps to keep things clean.

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