If you don’t clean your house, match your undies or wax your nether regions are you any less of a woman?
If you don’t clean your house, match your undies or wax your nether regions are you any less of a woman?

Hair removal, botox and cleaning: 7 stereotypes women are tired of conforming to

What happens if you choose not to follow these rules?

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Tuesday 17 January 2017 16:44

We’re sensitive and sweet. We can’t wait to have babies and do all the cooking. And of course, we all love shaving our pits.

There are lots of things women are expected to do just because society says so but what if you choose not to follow these rules?

If you don’t clean your house, match your undies or wax your nether regions are you any less of a woman?

Sick and tired of gender stereotypes, hordes of women have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations, with one person asking, “What is a conventional female practice that, as a woman, you don’t like or agree with?”

The responses came in thick and fast with cleaning at the top of the list.

“I resent the f*** out of the fact that if my house isn't clean it's my fault, even though I live with 2 grown-ass dudes who are just as capable of cleaning up,” one woman vents.

“Conventional female practice would decree that I suck it up and do all the cleaning anyway.”

Plenty of others agreed but one user said she refuses to conform.

“I've noticed that the dudes I live with won't do certain cleaning unless I bring it up. And I won't do it myself.

“We have a ‘clean this s*** up’ day. Thankfully they don't argue.”

A huge number of women also highlighted different aspects of beauty as their stereotype gripe - from trips to the salon, to anti-ageing and hair removal.

“Pretty much any western beauty standards that women are held to that men are not. Makeup, shaving, anti-aging bulls***,” one woman asserted.

“I'm not above it all, I still participate in it. But every time I struggle in the shower with a straight razor against my concave armpits, I think about how ridiculous it is that women waste so much precious free time removing hair that grows for a reason,” she continues.

“I feel bad about the wrinkle between my eyebrows that signals I'm definitely not 24 anymore and I seriously consider Botox sometimes.

“Why is society so adamant that I spend my hobby money on injecting poison into my face?”

Another added, “Same. I'm like yaaay it's wintertime! Time to let my (leg) hair down!”

Other objections included having to be the sole co-ordinator of any type of event with one woman stating, “Why the hell should I be expected to remember my boyfriend's mother's birthday and then remind him to give her a call? She's HIS mom!”

And that they always expect men to pay on dates, “I used to be the “traditional” girl and thought a man HAS TO pay for the date. But I decided to start paying for myself. Now dating is so much less stressful.”

Another clear area of contention was the idea that women are expected to refrain from using harsh language.

“Cursing may be inappropriate for certain social situations, but my vagina is not the thing that makes it inappropriate,” one woman insisted.

While another added, “F*** that, if you're being a goddamn douchecanoe, I'm going to tell you so and I don't give a single f*** how many “ladylike points” I lose because of it.”

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