Feng Shui expert says this one design flaw could be ruining your sleep

The layout of your furniture could be affecting your energy levels

Sarah Young
Tuesday 02 May 2017 16:49 BST
Having two side tables and lamps will help to create a sense of balance
Having two side tables and lamps will help to create a sense of balance (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Do you constantly feel drained at night or have trouble sleeping? Well, according to one feng shui expert that could be down to the layout of your bedroom.

Speaking to lifestyle website My Domaine, Laura Cerrano insists that whether you believe it in or not, feng shui can drastically impact your sleep and overall health.

And, that there is one major design flaw many people make when it comes to designing their bedroom.

She says that one of the most important principles to follow is to ensure that you leave equal room on both sides of the bad and that you should never have it pushed up against a wall.

“This is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner,” Cerrano explains.

Of course, this isn’t always possible in smaller spaces but she insists that even being able to spare an inch will make a difference.

Besides that, she also suggests having two side tables and lamps to help create balance.

Despite furnishings, the layout of your room can greatly affect sleep and energy levels too.

To battle this, Cerrano explains that its essential to have a view of the bedroom door but to make sure your bed isn’t completely aligned with it.

“This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life,” she adds.

The same goes for the bathroom too. If you have an ensuite, Cerrano recommends avoiding placing your bed in direct alignment as this is associated with energy drain.

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