Fitness blogger proves how much women's bodies change over the course of the day

'It's common for an average body to fluctuate in weight by 2-3kg over the course of the day'

Olivia Petter@oliviapetter1
Wednesday 01 November 2017 15:33

Ever gone to sleep feeling heavier than you did when you woke up?

Don’t worry, you haven't magically piled on the pounds in 12 hours.

As one fitness blogger recently demonstrated, you’re actually just like any other woman, whose weight naturally fluctuates throughout the course of the day.

Lauren Tickner, who goes by @laurenfitness on Instagram, recently uploaded a side-by-side image which demonstrates the effect in action.

Though the pictures were taken just hours apart, the images show how much her stomach size differed in the morning and in the evening.

“Having a fuller stomach due to eating & going about your day is not something you should be concerned about! It happens to all of us!” she wrote in the caption.

According to Tickner, her bloated stomach was due to a long haul flight. She insisted it was merely temporary and that she would remedy it by simply returning to her normal routine.

Though Tickner explained that this was a normal fluctuation that many women experience, she advised her followers to seek medical help if their bloating ever becomes painful.

It’s not just fitness bloggers that are noticing their fluctuating stomachs.

Last month, Rihanna admitted that her outfit choices are very much dictated by the way her body is feeling that week.

The pop singer told The Cut that what she wears depends on whether she is having a “skinny week” or a “fat week”.

According to Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, fluctuating body weight is something that many women will experience.

“It is a very simple case of the fact that after a night sleep we have digested our food and we are often dehydrated; therefore our bodies appear slimmer and lighter,” she told The Independent.

“It is common for an average body to fluctuate in weight by 2-3kg over the course of the day,” she added.

However, this does not necessarily reflect an increase in body fat, Lambert explains that fluctuations can come down to a number of dietary or lifestyle factors.

“If you consumed a high-carbohydrate or high-sodium meal the night before, you might retain more fluid.

“A heavy weight-lifting session can also make you retain water the next day because of the swelling around the micro-tears in your muscles."

For women, menstruation can also have a crucial part to play in the way our bodies look and feel.

“Hormonal changes, especially around the time of month, can affect how slim you feel in the morning,” explained Lambert.

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