BrewDog is giving away free beer to everyone in the UK - here’s how to get it

‘2021 has been tough so far,’ tweets brand

Olivia Petter@oliviapetter1
Saturday 09 January 2021 16:37

BrewDog is offering free beer to everyone in the UK through a new initiative in order to perk up everyone’s 2021.

On Friday, the beer company tweeted that it would be offering people the chance to get a free four-pack of its new product, Lost Lager.

The beer, BrewDog claims, is the world’s only carbon negative lager; it has committed to planting a tree for every four-pack that is claimed.

“2021 has been tough so far,” the tweet read. “So, we're giving everyone in the UK the chance to get a free four-pack of our amazing new beer, Lost Lager.”

Another tweet goes on to encourage others to spread the word and inform people that a postage fee will apply to the offer.

“This is the part where you tag your friends to let them know about free beer,” the tweet reads."

“A £1.95 postage fee will apply. UK only. 1 x pack per person.”

BrewDog added that all orders will be fulfilled from 8 February.

By clicking on the link in the company’s tweet, you are taking to a queue that will then take you onto the BrewDog website so that you can claim your free beer.

However, the website has been inundated with users, meaning there is currently more than 50,000 people queueing to claim their free beer, with the website giving an estimated wait time of one hour.

The holding page reads: “You are now waiting in a queue for access to because our website is currently over capacity. 

"When it is your turn you will have 10 minutes to enter the website.”

Click here to visit BrewDog and claim your free beer.

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