BrewDog serves world's strongest beer out of dead squirrels

The brewer has raised over £19m with a crowd-funding project - and is rewarding its most generous fans in an unusual way... 

Kashmira Gander
Thursday 24 November 2016 12:37 GMT
(Brew Dog)

Scottish beer-makers BrewDog are thanking fans who have helped to raise £19million by sending them a bottle of the world’s strongest beer wrapped inside taxidermy road kill.

The top ten devotees in the US who have invested more than $20,000 (£16,000) in the firm are set to receive a bespoke bottle of The End of History, a 55 per cent ABV blonde Belgian ale infused with Scottish nettles and juniper berries.

The super-strong beer was first created in 2010, when only 12 bottles were made.

Brew Dog fans who have invested $20,000 or more into the firm will receive a bottle of The End of History
Brew Dog fans who have invested $20,000 or more into the firm will receive a bottle of The End of History (Brew Dog)

The money raised will go towards building a brewery in Columbus, Ohio, where a ban on brewing beer above 12 per cent has been lifted.

BrewDog invited fans to claim a share of the company in early 2016 when it launched Equity for Punks IV.

As an incentive to help raise tens of millions of pounds for their favourite beer firm, BrewDog promised customers who referred others to the scheme “epic rewards”.

A statement on the firm's website read: "It is without doubt one of the most talked-about things we have ever done, probably due to the road kill taxidermy as much as the strength of the beer."

Those whose pockets aren't deep enough to fork out $20,000 but become BrewDog shareholders receive a lifetime 20 per cent discount in its US online shop, a card which gives them a 5 per cent discount in their bars worldwide, as well as an invite to the USA AGM.

James Watt, who co-founded BrewDog told Time: "We wouldn’t have a US brewery without our investors, and we want to celebrate by giving them access to something extra exclusive that you just can’t get your hands on any other way."

"I absolutely love the beautiful, yet disturbing nature of taxidermy, so packaging our most evocative beer in such an unconventional, BrewDog way made sense," said Watt. “Beer is art. Art is also art."

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