British woman cracks open 29 double-yolked eggs in a row

Sunday 18 September 2011 17:01

A British cake decorator was 'egg-static' over the weekend after cracking open 29 double-yolked eggs from the same carton.

Given that the odds of finding a double-yolked egg in the UK are one in a thousand, Charlotte Matthews hit the equivalent of egg gold.

According to a report from the local paper, Matthews was preparing breakfast for her family in Rochdale, north of Manchester, when she started cracking into a carton of eggs. One by one, she realized that each held two yolks.

After breaking open 12 double-yolked eggs in a row, Matthews enlisted her husband Gavin to record her lucky streak with a video camera as she broke open the rest of the 30-egg carton, reported the Rochdale Observer Sunday.

"Are we doing scrambled egg for tea?" she jokes in the video as she breaks the third double-yolked egg in a bowl - and the 15th overall.

The tray of 30 Smartprice eggs was purchased from her local supermarket retailer Asda for £2.39 (€2.67).

In what could only be described as a near cinematic finish, all but the final egg held two yolks.

The phenomenon usually occurs when a hen's ovulation occurs too rapidly and their egg production cycles are not completely synchronized. Two egg yolks will mature at the same time and pass through the hen's reproductive system.

Hybrid breeds of hens from West Bengal and India have also been known to produce double yolk eggs.

Though safe to eat, they can change the outcome of a recipe. As a general rule, one large egg yolk is equal to one tablespoon or 15 ml.

The texture can also be longer and thinner than an ordinary single-yolk egg.

Last year, another British woman from Cumbria made headlines for cracking open six double-yolkers.

Superstition has it that finding two yolks in a single egg can portend an imminent marriage or the birth of twins.

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