The most overdone brunch foods (Stock)
The most overdone brunch foods (Stock)

The two most overrated brunch foods, according to chefs

It is time to stop ordering avocado toast 

Chelsea Ritschel
Friday 27 July 2018 21:14

Brunch is ubiquitous on Sunday mornings - a meal anticipated for its bottomless mimosas and your heart’s desire of french toast.

However, all of the indulgences can become slightly repetitive, especially when the same foods are on the menu.

As late chef Anthony Bourdain once told Portland Mercury, brunch is a “horrible, cynical way of unloading leftovers and charging three times as much as you ordinarily charge for breakfast.”

While the increased prices may or may not be true depending on the restaurant, the overrated menu options certainly are.

At Sunday Cafe and Restaurant in London, the “full English breakfast” is the most monotonous, according to chef Alan Turner.

Instead of ordering the typical sausages, eggs, bacon, tomatoes and beans, the chef wants diners to consider broadening their horizons.

The full English breakfast is overrated (Stock)

“I would love people to order more exciting items like huevos rancheros or corn fritters or courgettes fritters,” Alan told The Independent.

However, despite the repetition in orders, chef Alan and his fellow chefs enjoy all of the dishes they cook.

“For us, brunch is about sharing and indulging,” he said.

At Brother Marcus in London, choosing the most overrated brunch food is easy.

Of the most overdone brunch food, head chef and co-founder Tas Gaitanos and sous chef, Stuart Underwood told The Independent: “Poached eggs, smashed avocado, and bacon on toast. It’s a staple on most brunch menus, including ours.”

Avocado toast may be delicious but it has also become completely cliche.

As for the food the chefs are tired of making, it also happens to be their bestseller.

The high demand for the “sweet potato and courgette fritters, known as the Step Sister on our menu,” which are gluten-free and packed full of fresh herbs and spices, means “that the chefs are constantly making and cooking huge batches through the week, it never ends,” according to the chefs.

Like chef Alan, the chefs at Brother Marcus also want patrons to give their taste buds something new to try.

“From our menu, we wish people would order the pork belly wrap," a dish the chefs called "magnificent."

Even if you aren’t dining at their restaurant, they wish people would stray from avocado toast and eat other options.

“Off the menu… waffles and fried chicken,” they recommended.

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