Brunch recipe hacks: How to make an avocado rose and red velvet pancakes

Brunch doesn't have to break the bank

Kashmira Gander
Friday 23 September 2016 18:16 BST

Nothing rings in the weekend quite like brunch, and the bigger and more indulgent the better. But when money is tight, the price of going out for a bite can sting.

Instead, make an event of brunch at home. First, take a look at our favourite brunch hacks below, from stunning avocado roses to moreish bacon and egg cupcakes.

Nip to the supermarket to grab ingredients at a fraction of the price of heading to a cafe. Then gather around friends and family, and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling when as they marvel at how clever you are. You're welcome!

Mind-blowing avocado rose

Just when you thought avocados couldn't get any better... While smashed avocados aren't to be sniffed at, this stunning avocado rose will make brunch feel extra special. And all it takes is a knife and a chopping board. What makes this recipe even better is that avocados are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Get the recipe here

Induglent red velvet pancakes

Via Something Swanky (Azurita/iStock)

Once you've mastered American pancakes (use buttermilk and don't whisk the mix too much) take them to the next level with this red velvent pancake recipe. While the contrasting red and white colours make this dish striking on the table, it doesn't take much more effort than a splash of red food colouring.

Get the recipe here

Stupidly easy poached egg

If you've ever stared into a pan full of boiling water as you've attempted to cook poached eggs and screamed "Why?!" as the unweildy yellow blob disintegrates, this is the recipe for you. The secret weapon is cling film.

Crispy candied bacon

Via Closet Cooking (rez-art/iStock)

For the carnivores-at-heart among us, brunch isn't brunch without a few rashers of bacon. But when the plain stuff gets a little dull, simply douse the strips with sugar and maple syrup for a sweeter alternative. We still can't work out whether this counts as dessert or not.

Get the recipe here

Two-second bacon and egg cups

Via Crazed Mom (circlePS/iStock)

Don't waste your precious spare time making something complex and intricate. These easy egg and bacon cups are delicious, and unusual enough to look like you've made some effort. Just twist the rashers in a cupcake tin, crack the egg into the middle, shove in the oven, and you're done! Add cheese if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

Get the recipe here

Egg in a hole baguette

Via PureWow (PureWow/Erin McDowell)

The best part about a runny egg is mopping up the yolk with fresh bread. This recipe kills two birds with one stone and can act as the centrepiece to a brunch spread.

Get the recipe here

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