A café is challenging customers to eat a 17,000 calorie fry up in one hour

The breakfast is free for anyone who manages to finish it within the allocated time

Saman Javed
Wednesday 11 August 2021 15:25 BST
Danny Malin tries the Terminator 3 breakfast at Shepherd’s Place Farm
Danny Malin tries the Terminator 3 breakfast at Shepherd’s Place Farm (Rate My Takeaway/YouTube)
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A café in Doncaster has created a super-sized full English breakfast that contains an estimated 17,000 calories.

Shepherds Place Farm, which is situated in the town of Haxey, is challenging customers to finish the entire plate of more than 130 breakfast items in less than an hour.

The fry-up contains 15 rashers of bacon, 15 hash browns, 15 fried eggs, 15 pieces of black pudding, 15 slices of toast, 15 portions of mushrooms, 15 portions of baked beans, 15 portions of tinned tomatoes and 15 double-sized sausages.

Ted Phillips, the owner of the farm, told The Independent that he plans to submit his creation to the Guinness World Records as he believes it may be the biggest English breakfast across the UK.

“The sausages are double-sized, so the 15 sausages are actually equivalent to 30 sausages,” he added.

The whole plate is priced at £40 but if a customer manages to eat all of it within an hour, they can get it for free.

But Philips is confident that the challenge is impossible to complete. “I don’t anticipate anyone can finish it. I’m very, very confident that this will remain undefeated,” he said.

Surprisingly, despite the large number of items included in the breakfast, it can be ordered and made within 20 minutes as the café is familiar with making large plates.

Philips said he had created the new menu item to give diners something to look forward to after a year of restaurant closures and social restrictions.

“It’s just a laugh. Considering the pandemic, we just wanted to get a bit of normality and give people something to be joyous about again,” he said.

The challenge, named “Terminator Armageddon”, is the latest addition to the café’s “Terminator” menu – a series of breakfast platters which are made to be shared by six to eight people.

A smaller version of the huge breakfast, the “Terminator 3”, was recently taken on by Danny Malin, a Youtuber who tries takeaway restaurants and food challenges from across the UK.

The “Terminator 3” is priced at £25 and contains 12 pieces of each item. After 50 minutes, Malin’s still had at least 6 slices of toast, multiple eggs and rashers of bacon left to eat.

“I can’t do it,” he tells the camera, admitting defeat. “I’ve enjoyed the food, it’s a cracking breakfast.”

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