Scientists create world's first 'climate-positive' gin using garden peas

Each bottle results in a carbon footprint of -1.54kg carbon dioxide

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Wednesday 19 February 2020 16:51
Scientists create world's first 'climate-positive' gin using garden peas

Scientists are claiming to have developed the world’s first ‘climate-positive’ gin by using garden peas.

The gin, which is made and distributed by Arbikie Distillery in Angus, Scotland, avoids more carbon dioxide emissions than it creates with each 70cL bottle of Nadar produced, resulting in a total carbon footprint of -1.54kg carbon dioxide equivalent.

The term climate positive is used to describe a product that is actively going beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit, while carbon neutral means the product releases net zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The Arbikie gin achieves its climate-positive status by turning all useful parts of the peas left after distilling into animal feed.

During distillation, the leftover pea protein and spent yeast is combined to create a waste product known as pot ale, which can be used to feed animals.

The research team behind the gin is also investigating whether pot ale protein can be isolated and consumed by humans.

Kirsty Black, Arbikie's master distiller who created the gin, said: “Year-on-year we see the weather, harvest timings and crop quality change, all highlighting the need to address the climate crisis now.

"By producing the world's first climate positive gin, we are taking initial steps towards improving our environmental impact, while demonstrating what can be achieved when like-minded researchers and businesses come together."

Black created the spirit following five years of research at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, where she examined the potential of pulses such as peas and beans as an environmentally sustainable feedstock to the brewing and distilling industries.

Arbikie Distillery claims to have made the world’s first ‘climate-positive’ gin (Arbikie Distillery)

The Arbikie Distillery is the latest company to announce its commitment to producing food and drink products that are more ethical and sustainable.

On Wednesday, Morrisons claimed to become the first major supermarket to end the sale of caged eggs in all its stores.

The company's latest commitment means that all eggs sold at the supermarket now come from hens who spend at least eight hours outdoors every day.

All useful parts of the remaining peas are turned into animal feed (Arbikie Distillery)

Robert Hofmann, egg buyer at Morrisons, stated that “improving animal welfare” is of the utmost importance for the company.

“Improving animal welfare is very important to customers and it’s very important to us,” Mr Hofmann said.

“We source our eggs directly from farms and have worked hard to help them all move to free range.”

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