A sparkling welcome to Dom Pérignon 2009

This could well be your new favourite tipple

Aidy Smith@sypped
Thursday 08 June 2017 15:47

Dom Pérignon could very well be the most celebrated champagne brand in the world, so it’s only natural that people get excited when a new vintage is released.

Owned by pioneers of luxury, Luis Vuitton Möet Hennessy (LVMH), Dom Pérignon champagnes are uniquely crafted by vino-genius Richard Geoffroy, otherwise known as ‘Chef de Cave’.

Richard is one of those people who say it how it is, that’s why he’s received so much respect within the industry. While a lot champagne houses will only release vintage champagnes during the very best years, Richard likes a little risk.

Put simply, crap weather can result in a terrible vintage – but if you’ve a highly skilled winemaker at your helms, with enough hard work they can turn this into something incredible.

In Richard’s words: “Winemakers are on a mission to make wine, we mustn’t forget this, so we have to witness the champagne years for what they are – as each is so unique.

“We create wines that take the character of Dom Pérignon, but also take the character of the particular vintage”.

We have to remember that the wine we sip in the bottle is the direct work of a human being, who has in this case spent hundreds if not thousands of hours tasting and blending to create the perfect wine - and I take my hat off to Richard and his team for doing just that.

Without further adieu, introducing the 2009 Dom Pérignon Vintage.

Dom Pérignon 2009

Price: £130

Blend: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

Disgorged for a minimum of 1 year

The 2009 vintage offers a vibrant nose of white stone fruits that burst from the glass as soon as it’s poured – we’re talking nectarines and apricot with sweet peas, pineapple and freshly cut grass on the side.

There’s a lovely toasty and zesty oak that emerges as that Dom Pérignon character begins to emerge.

When you take a sip you’re greeted with an extremely refreshing taste sensation - more of those stone fruits coming into play as soon as it hits the tongue.

There’s a little grapefruit giving that zing of acidity combined with a citric freshness on the mid-palate.

The finale to our story gives us milk lemon juice, a sweet ting and a lime zest, which plays with the taste buds, creating a long-lasting finish.

The 2009 is definitely more on the acidic side, which is by no means a negative thing – if you gravitate towards champagnes with a ‘zing’, this could well be your new favourite tipple.

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