Jennifer Garner is obsessed with Emily Blunt’s roast potato recipe – here’s how to make them

These spuds require two types of salt and a sprinkle of parsley

Saman Javed
Friday 01 April 2022 16:10 BST
<p>Jennifer Garner and Emily Blunt</p>

Jennifer Garner and Emily Blunt

Jennifer Garner has revealed her love for a staple English dinner item, sharing that she makes fellow actor Emily Blunt’s roasted potato recipe every week.

“I’ve made them consistently,” the Adam Project star told People on Thursday, describing the spuds as a “definite recommend”. “Rarely a week goes by that I’m not in [the kitchen] peeling potatoes trying to make them like Emily’s. My kids love them.”

Blunt first shared her recipe with cook Ina Garten during an episode of Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa in 2018.

Aside from using good quality potatoes, the recipe also includes includes kosher salt, coarse sea salt, vegetable oil and minced parsley.

The potatoes are cooked in boiling water, seasoned with the kosher salt, for eight minutes. After draining, they are returned to the pot and shaken, which Blunt calls “the workout part”.

They are then set aside for 15 minutes to dry, while the oil is poured into a flat tray and placed in a preheated oven (heated to 220 Celcius) until it becomes “smoking hot”.

At this point, the potatoes are placed in the oil and the tray is returned to the oven to roast at a lower temperature of 180 Celcius for 45 minutes.

The cooked potatoes are later sprinkled with sea salt and parsley.

Garner, who hosts a cooking series on her Instagram named “Pretend Cooking Show”, told People that despite her love for cooking, she has no plans on creating her own recipes.

“I have a real love affair with my cookbooks,” she said. “And some of them, I have double copies because whenever I go on location, I want to take it with me, but I still need it home.”

“I want to follow recipes. I want to follow other people’s recipes and screw them up.”

Speaking of “screwing up” recipes, she admitted that “50 per cent” of what she makes doesn’t turn out as planned, but her children are supportive.

She has three children – Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10 – from her previous marriage to Ben Affleck.

“Sometimes I really do think about 50 per cent of what I make works out. It doesn’t deter me,” Garner said.

“Honestly, my kids are pretty patient with me. I’ll bake cookies or I’ll bake bread and I’ll forget and leave it in too long or I won’t pay attention and I’ll pull it out too early.”

See the full recipe for Blunt’s English roasted potatos here.

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