Extreme food pornographers create Big Mac bacon meatloaf: viral video

Sunday 18 September 2011 17:02

A video by a kamikaze crew of young Canadian gluttons building a Big Mac-based meatloaf with bacon and bourbon, and an appearance by pop singer Lights has gone viral on YouTube.

In their latest episode "Fast Food Meatloaf," the Montreal-based group of Jack Daniels-swigging food pornographers who produce the web show "Epic Meal Time" enlists the help of Toronto pop star Lights in which they save her and her friends from a bunch of "Hamburgler" goons.

In typical "Epic Meal Time" fashion, the group, led by trucker mouth food bully Harley Morenstein, builds an obscenely large, calorific meatloaf lined with bacon strips, stuffed with five Big Macs, basted in a bourbon barbecue sauce.

While waiting for it to cook, the group plays Twister.

In the end, like every episode, they tuck into their leviathan, monster meat creation in a manner that borders on vulgar and profane.

Since being uploaded on June 28, the video has received 1,414,560 hits as of Thursday, 9 a.m. GMT.

Lights is best known for her songs "Drive My Soul" and "Ice."

After posting their first video in October last year, the six-member crew of Epic Meal Time have gained a cult following, with fans that include celebrities like skateboarder Tony Hawk, actor Kevin Spacey, Justin Bieber and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who gave the group a shoutout on Twitter after discovering the group recently.

"have any of you guys watched "EPIC MEAL TIME" ??? on youtube .....these guys make me laugh Ive never seen nothin like it with food.....jamie," he tweeted June 23.

In March, their kitchen, meat and bacon hi-jinxes also landed the group on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in which they created an "inside-out" shepherd's pie, made with mashed potatoes, Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese, pastrami, prosciutto, Velveeta processed cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce - and shaped it into a car.

Morenstein has described the webisodes as " Jackass in the kitchen," an American show in which hosts performed ludicrously dangerous and crude stunts for the camera.

The 25-year-old Montrealer and former substitute high school teacher produces the show full-time along with Sterling Toth, who also quit his job as a graphic designer. Other characters include Muscles Glasses who wears aviator glasses and is actually a physical trainer.

The show has spawned parodies from Sweden - Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - and Hawaii, where the "Kings of KauKau" created a knockoff tribute webisode that uses the same soundtrack, calorie counting ticker, and bird sounds to bleep out the profanity.

To watch the "Fast Food Meatloaf" view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzDxTNiCpWM .

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