UK's first algae-based eggs allow vegans to make cakes, omlettes and scrambled eggs

But, they're going to cost you

Sarah Young
Tuesday 24 January 2017 18:28 GMT
Holland & Barrett has made sure it was one of the first in line to stock a new batch of Vegan Egg made from algae
Holland & Barrett has made sure it was one of the first in line to stock a new batch of Vegan Egg made from algae (© Pegasus)

Attention vegans, vegetarians and Veganuary partakers because health shop Holland & Barrett have launched the UK's first algae-based vegan eggs.

With Veganuary well under way and pancake day right around the corner, those who’ve made the switch to a plant based diet need not worry about missing out because, despite the plant based egg-replacer being made from agal flour - an ingredient derived from water-dwelling algae - it can still be used to make scrambled eggs, omelettes or even to make cakes.

But, there is a catch.

The Vegan Egg, despite coming in a deceivingly similar box to a normal egg container actually comes in powder form, and a 114g pouch is the equivalent to a dozen standard eggs.

What’s more, they also come with a very high price tag. Just one box will set you back a whopping £7.99; that’s more than four times the price a pack of 12 free-range medium eggs from the supermarket.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t put vegans off and when you hear the benefits, it’s not hard to see why.

As well as containing 4.4g of fibre per serving and naturally high amounts of healthy fats, amino acids and micro-nutrients, the Vegan Egg has half the calories of hen’s eggs.

At just 33 calories per serving, the egg alternative is a tasty alternative for those looking to lose weight or following vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets.

The product has been on sale in the US for a while but this month, Holland & Barrett are bringing it to the great British high street.

Carl Copson, category manager for special diets at the health food story said, “Eggs are a valuable source of essential Omegas and amino acids, but, because they are derived from chickens they are not suitable for those following a vegan diet.

“Vegan Egg has been specially developed to ensure that vegans can enjoy the versatility that eggs can add to meal planning and, because they contain algae, they can help to ensure that you can meet your fibre and essential amino acid needs without compromising a vegan diet.”

Available to buy in store and online now, would you pay £7.99 for vegan eggs?

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