Gordon's gin hiring taste testers to try new flavours

The job requirements include trying three new flavours of Gordon's Gin

Chelsea Ritschel
Tuesday 27 March 2018 09:23 BST
Testers are required to try three new gin flavours (Gordon's)
Testers are required to try three new gin flavours (Gordon's)

The perfect job does exist - as it turns out Testers Keepers is looking for candidates worthy of taste-testing new flavours of Gordon’s gin.

The job ad, which was posted online, requests a tester for the three new flavours Premium Pink, Gordon’s Sloe Gin and Gordon’s with a spot of elderflower - and we can’t think of a more exciting opportunity.

According to the job posting, the Premium Pink gin, which was inspired by the original Gordon’s recipe from 1880, is “perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon’s with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with a tang of red currant served up in a unique blushing tone.”

However, whether it is actually a “sweeter and more accessible way to enjoy a gin and tonic” is to be determined.

Gordon’s Sloe Gin, combines the “dryness of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness,” according to the ad, and brings the flavour first introduced in 1908 back to life.

Expected taste notes found in the Sloe Gin flavour include “raspberry jam, cloves and piney menthol, hints of figs, cinnamon, stewed fruits and almond” - but whether these notes are actually discernable will rely on the refined palate of Gordon’s new taste-tester.

And last but not least, the gin-sampler will also be required to taste Gordon’s with a spot of elderflower - which sounds like quite a fun work-related responsibility.

According to the ad, the elderflower gin “combines the delicate taste of elderflower with Gordon’s London dry gin for a delicious twist on a great British classic” and testers will be required to sample the elderflower-flavoured gin using two methods.

The first will require mixing with tonic, pouring over ice and garnishing with a lemon or lime.

And if that is not found agreeable, the taste-tester will also be expected to try adding a few strawberry halves to see what that does to the flavour.

If this sounds like the perfect job opportunity, which we imagine it does, interested applicants must hurry - as the deadline for applications is March 31.

However, the competition will likely be fierce as gin was recently named the UK’s most popular spirit and gin-drinkers have been found to be more aggressive.

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