Heinz creates ‘chocolate mayonnaise’ in time for Easter

Is this the chocolatey invention we’ve all been waiting for?

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 01 April 2018 08:19 BST
Heinz unveils a special kind of mayonnaise for Easter

Have you ever wondered what standard mayonnaise would taste like if combined with the delectable taste of Belgian dark chocolate?

Well, wonder no longer, as Heinz has developed an entirely new recipe bringing the two ingredients together just in time for Easter.

Culinary experts have created the “Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise", a sauce which they claim can be paired with sweet and savoury foods alike.

“It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we think we might have done it,” said a Heinz spokesperson.

“Mayonnaise? Seriously good! Chocolate? Really good! Chocolate Mayonnaise? Scrumptious perfection!

“We have noticed the trend for using mayonnaise in place of eggs and oil in chocolate cakes, brownies and tarts closely over the last few years, and creating Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise seemed like the logical focus for the culinary creators of our [Seriously] Good range.

Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise

“Using only the best ingredients and free-range eggs, it takes chocolate mayonnaise cakes to the next level, producing a rich, smooth, deliciously moist - and of course extra-chocolatey - Easter treat.”

Heinz has released a video of its culinary experts working hard in the kitchen mixing chocolate with dollops of its famous mayonnaise.

For those of you genuinely curious about what the “Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise” would taste like, you may have to wait slightly longer before giving it a try.

While the “chocolate mayonnaise” concoction may have been created with Easter in mind, as a seemingly ideal condiment to spread on toast, add to cake batter or pair with roast lamb, it has another purpose.

The main focus of the “chocolate mayonnaise” announcement is to determine how many people are woefully unaware that today is April Fool’s Day.

Don’t be perturbed if you’re one of those unfortunate individuals, as we know how distracting any mention of chocolate can be.

And who knows - perhaps “chocolate mayonnaise” could genuinely be a fruitful innovation in future.

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