How to make Chilli and Ginger Caipirinha

Simple step-by-step summer cocktail recipe

Mars El Brogy@melbrogy,Matt Capon
Sunday 09 April 2017 08:21
Chilli and ginger caipirinha - the Chino Latino way

Cool off with this fresh summer mocktail.

In this video, Pan-Asian restaurant and bar Chino Latino shows how to make Latino classic Chilli and Ginger Caipirinha.


25ml Sagatiba cachaca

25ml Stones ginger wine

6-8 chilli slices

6 lime wedges

Fresh muddled ginger

1 tablespoon brown sugar


Place all ingredients in an old fashioned glass and muddle, then fill the glass with crushed ice and stir.

Garnish with one whole red chilli and lime wedge.