This is the correct way to make scrambled eggs, according to Gordon Ramsay

The chef has three secrets that result in the perfect scrambled eggs 

Chelsea Ritschel
Friday 03 August 2018 19:11
Gordon Ramsey makes the 'perfect' scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs may be a relatively easy meal to make, but it turns out you are probably doing it wrong - according to chef Gordon Ramsay.

Although scrambling a couple of eggs in a pan will result in decent eggs no matter what method you use, the celebrity chef has a unique technique that makes “scrambled eggs to die for" - even if he does say so himself.

His secrets? Don’t season the eggs, don’t beat them, and put them on and off the heat throughout the cooking process.

In various videos of the chef making his famous scrambled eggs, he makes it very clear that the number one mistake people make is seasoning their eggs before they start cooking.

“Don’t season it,” the chef advises on YouTube, “because if you put the salt in now, what actually happens is it breaks down the eggs and it starts turning them into something very watery.”

After cracking eggs directly into a pan and adding one to three knobs of butter, the eggs are put directly on to the heat.

“Never whisk the eggs,” he warns - which people typically do before transferring their eggs to the heat - as it also breaks the eggs down before they should be.

Ramsay cooks his eggs on and off the stove (MasterChef)

This step should only be carried out once the eggs are on the stove, at which point they should be treated “like a risotto. You can’t stop stirring.”

Most importantly, and surprisingly, the perfect scrambled eggs are the result of intermittent cooking.

The eggs come out moist and fluffy (MasterChef)

“Take it off the heat, go back to the heat - take it off the heat,” is Ramsay’s motto - resulting in creamy, buttery eggs that come out moist, fluffy, and delicious.

In their last few moments atop the stove, Ramsay adds a dash of salt and black pepper to season and a teaspoon of crème fraîche.

Paired with a grilled tomato and mushrooms, this is the proper way to make scrambled eggs, according to the three-Michelin-starred chef.

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