Is goat the 'new' meat of choice?

Thursday 14 October 2010 00:00 BST

In the US goat meat has become a trendy dish and a new go-to low-fat meat choice (with 50 percent less fat than beef, 40 percent less than chicken).

A tradtional staple in home and restaurant kitchens worldwide is increasingly in demand stateside. In October, street fairs in New York City openly roasted goats and prepared goat meat tacos for sale.

On October 8, the Good Food section of New York website Well+Good called goat "the other white meat,'" even though various other bloggers including clarify it is a "healthy red meat."

Regardless of the color, The St Louis Today, a local news source for St Louis, Missouri, noted goat meat as one of three top "trendy tastes for 2010" in January.

The 2007 Census of Agriculture, the most recent edition of the Department of Agriculture's report produced every five years, found a 30 percent increase in goat sales since 2002 and 53 percent more farms raising goats.

The largest American markets include Texas, Colorado, California, Iowa, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Internationally goat is enjoyed in curries, as a sausage, braised and grilled especially in Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Kenya and the Philippines. It is often compared to tender lamb.

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