Mayonnaise ice cream is here - but what do people think?

Reaction has been mixed on social media

Rachel Hosie
Friday 27 July 2018 12:19 BST

A Scottish ice cream store has gone viral for creating mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream - and divided the public in the process.

Kyle Gentleman, the owner of Ice Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk, near Edinburgh, told The Independent that the idea to create the unusual flavour came from his “love of mayo.”

What’s more, the creamery is well-known for less conventional ice cream flavours such as Strongbow dark fruit, Monster Energy and Jammie Dodger.

“I tried to think of another idea but one that is polar opposite from cider - mayo does just that!” Gentleman says.

He explains that the ice cream is made simply by mixing Hellman's mayonnaise with his homemade dairy ice cream mix, which is pasteurised on-site.

Although the most obvious uses for mayo might be as a condiment for chips or a sauce for your burger, the creamy egg-based spread can also be used in sweet recipes such as cakes to lock in moisture.

But does it work as an ice cream?

Whilst some people prefer to stick to classic flavours like cookie dough, mint choc chip or simple vanilla, Gentleman says the reaction to the new ice cream has been “overwhelming.”

“People actually enjoy it once they try it,” he says. “Surprisingly it actually works as an ice cream - creamy and smooth.”

And as news of the unusual flavour has spread, opinion has been divided online, with some people expressing disgust at the concept but others proclaiming they would walk 500 miles to get their hands on the ice cream.

Do you want fries with that?

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