Mirror cake: How to make the perfectly glazed dessert

The super shiny dessert is inundating our Insta feed

Sarah Young
Thursday 10 November 2016 17:11 GMT

Super shiny cakes that you can practically see your reflection in are inundating our Instagram feeds.

While the idea of a mirror-glazed cake has been around for a while, the trend has taken the internet by storm because of its unfathomable sheen that people just can’t seem to get their heads around.

These desserts might be blindingly polished and impeccably mirror-like, but while they look complicated they’re actually pretty simple to make according to one professional baker.

Cake maestro and star of Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman, has come up with his own simplified version that apparently we can all make at home.

“I know when you first see something like a mirror glaze you can be really freaked out and it can be kind of intimidating … but I promise, it’s like four ingredients and it’s super, super easy,” he says.

Baking buffs everywhere have been giving the glaze a go, all putting their own unique twist on the unreal dessert.

Some render their sponges in shimmering chocolate swirls while others opt for a more galactic take on the swirly-whirly topping.

People have even taken to topping theirs with more tasty delights like fresh fruit, edible pearl and whirls of meringue. So just how easy it to make?

Duff’s version of the mirror cake does look doable and despite the recipe’s simplicity he promises that people are “going to think that you got it from a professional pastry shop.”

The basic recipe sees a mix of gelatin, water, corn syrup and sugar mixed with white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

Next, choose two different food colourings and add a little titanium dioxide. You can then proceed to pour this mixture all over the cake and finish with a dash of sparkle.

After all, “glitter makes everything better,” claims Duff.

We couldn't agree more, but while they’re so jaw-droppingly unreal, we’re not sure we could even cut into them. Wait, who are we kidding?

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