Bites: Ice, slice and two sugars please

Kate Burt
Sunday 02 November 2008 01:00

Yesterday, Bistrotheque, Pablo Flack and David Waddington's hip east London eatery, spawned Flash, a "guerilla" restaurant made entirely of art storage boxes, at London's Royal Academy. The menu is French/Californian, while afternoon tea includes the option to swap your brew for a pot of Tanqueray gin cocktails. How decadent.

Also snubbing convention – namely soppy celebrity diets – the actress Kate Hudson was seen recently in Sophie's Steakhouse in Chelsea, tucking into a hearty 23oz steak. Perhaps Scotland's waiting staff should follow her – according to a local uniform maker, Celtic front-of-house is shrinking to a Hollywoodesque size zero. The reason? A rise in naturally taller, slimmer eastern European staff, apparently. Perhaps they could bulk up at The Box Tree, west Yorkshire's only Michelin-starred restaurant, which is serving up a six-course menu from 1963 to mark its 45th anniversary. Once costing just 32 shillings and sixpence, it's now a tad heavier, though still just £45.

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