Japan gets 1,160-calorie 'Meat Monster' burger

Adam Sherwin
Thursday 14 April 2011 00:00 BST

In a nation known as one of the world's healthiest, it remains to be seen what Japanese consumers will make of the Meat Monster. The gut-busting sandwich, unveiled only in Japan by Burger King, is a mountain of mixed meat weighing in at 1,160 calories.

The creation houses two hamburgers, a chicken breast fillet, two slices of processed cheese, three rashers of bacon and all the trimmings. It has more salt than four bags of crisps and would take two hours to jog off – if you can move after devouring it.

The burger has more than half the entire recommended daily calorie allowance for women, and its sodium content is far above the 1,600mg limit recommended for adults.

Customers can make their own á la carte additions: extra layers of cheese or a third burger can be added to produce a bespoke Meat Monster.

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