Nigella Lawson fans go crazy after chef uses 'quackling' to describe crispy roast duck skin in Christmas show


Rachel Hosie
Tuesday 12 December 2017 12:39
Nigella discusses 'quackling' in her Christmas dinner preparation

Public appetite for Nigella Lawson is as large as our appetites for roast potatoes on Christmas Day.

And the celebrity chef has endeared herself to the nation even more with a new word she has coined: “quackling.”

Casually mentioned in last night’s episode of Nigella: At My Table, quackling refers to the crispy skin on a roast duck. Much like crackling on pork.

The quackling


It makes so much sense.

Whilst demonstrating how to make her roast duck for Christmas, Nigella uses the word completely straight-faced, with no explanation whatsoever.

“The final quick blitz in a hot oven means that the skin is bronzed and crisp, wafer thin, with delicate shards of quackling,” she says.

And people are loving the concept of quackling.

However Nigella clarified that she was not the first to use the term - she learned it from chef and restaurateur Mark Hix.

Wherever the word came from, it is undoubtedly a genius term that we all need in our vocabularies.

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